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September 21st, 2009 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

The Beauty of Your Worth

Sometimes our spiritual growth is manifested immediately. Sometimes it takes longer for the beauty of our wisdom to mature, ripen and bear fruit. Our spiritual unfolding is like a flower opening up, each petal delicately expanding to breathe in new life and new opportunities which transform our self-understanding as well as the recognition of the nature of our purpose. Time reveals all if we are at peace with listening to the self, accepting and creating from the space of our own inner “homes”.

What is the beauty of your worth? How will it reveal itself to you? How do you discover it? As a way to begin playing and experimenting with your worth, set aside some time for yourself to complete a fun three-part exercise.

Once you have decided to set some time aside for yourself, complete PART I of the excercise and then in PART II you will be asked to complete the first section before reading and completing the second section. If you can, set aside some time now to complete the first section of PART II before moving on. You will need paper and pen, so if it is not yet by your side, I suggest you get it now.

Take the time you need and want to complete this exercise fully.

Complete both PART I AND PART II of these exercises before reading and completing PART III. If your curiosity can be patient and read PART III only after you have completed the first two parts, it would be worth your while. I wonder how many people will be able to do this??? Are you one of them? The directions are laid out simply below to follow:


The first part of this exercise is to define what time specifically you can give to yourself, what time you can give to you for nurturing yourself each week. Can you give yourself an hour this week just for you with no distractions or more? Can you make it your time? Can you make a commitment to your time? Can you give yourself time now to do this exercise? Or would another time be better? Please make this decision.

Once you have decided how much time you can give yourself, you will then need to decide what kind of space or environment you like to create in? Is it in your bedroom? Perhaps at your desk or the kitchen table? Might it be in a natural setting, like a park or a special place where you feel most comfortable? Or maybe you even have an artist’s studio? Make a decision about a space where you feel most creative.

How much time do you give to yourself for yourself each week? Does that feel right to you? Is that enough? Do you want or need more time or space? It may be a good idea just to simply take note of that answer to yourself. How does your space feel? Is it the right space for you? Have you want to experiment with other spaces? Take note about the importance of that space to you.

Having made both of those decisions, we can move on to the first section of Part II.


Now in your space and with your time that you have given yourself, reflect and answer this question: By using an analogy, if you were a home right now, what type of “home” are you? Where is it? What is it? Is it an actual home or is it figurative, like a bird’s nest? Describe this home in writing. What are the colors? The sounds? If there are rooms, what are they for? Is there a natural component to it? Are there animals? What is the season? Are there important people to you? Is there anything else that you might want to add? Make it as creative and detailed as possible! Please write this now or come back after the writing is completed to read further.


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