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Feature September 2010

September 26th, 2010 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home


This is my latest inspiration: I was at TedX in Santa Monica on Monday the 20th to hear several speakers and to watch the TED.com webcast discuss the progress toward the United Nations Summit Millennium Development Goals. The TEDxChange in New York was convened by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Melinda French Gates was one of the speakers. After watching the webcast, several speakers made presentations in Santa Monica on the topic of Education and Global Responsibility including Zebiba Shekhia who built through many challenges a high school for girls in a Sudanese refugee camp HealingBridges.org and John Kobara who spoke about “finding yourself by getting lost”. Below is an article written by John about his experience with TED.com as well as a video of his talk at TED in Santa Monica which is from his site JohnKobara.com.

“The Sources of Inspiration–The Network of TED

We obtain our ideas, inspirations, and aspirations through our experiences and our interactions with other people . We find these people through our quests for meaning or through the serendipity of life. People with purpose, people with needs, people who overcome their challenges, people like us and very different from us, who are making a difference in the world. Pretty obvious, but without making connections to others we will miss many sources of inspiration. The result can be a life less fulfilled. Regrettably, I meet these people all of the time. People who are competent, educated, and confident, and who lack passion. Who see life as an accumulating list of obligations and tasks. Time is a burden. They either think that there will be a pot at the end of the rainbow or worse, have settled for the “hand they were dealt”. We have to see the opportunity ahead. Inspiration can shake us

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