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Feature December 2010

December 20th, 2010 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home, Muse News

The Feminine Light

On behalf of Da Vinci’s Muse, we are happy to offer this holiday season, the book titled The Feminine Light written by Stephany Lane Yarbrough.

“It’s a lovely book. For women around the world, the questions raised in The Feminine Light are profound ones. The Tao, this universal and intimate balance, is at the heart and soul of our work through NoVo. Thank you for sharing!” -Jennifer Buffett, Board of Directors The Novo Foundation, www.NovoFoundation.org

Who are you as a woman? What does it mean to be a woman? Who are you as a spirit of light?

As women, the art of listening to the self begins the quest toward seeing ourselves more clearly, moving with enhanced fluidity through life, having a greater sense of fulfillment and expanding our own enlightenment. By honoring a dialogue of daily spiritual meditations and deeply introspective questions, we discover the power of the feminine. In over 2,500 years, The Feminine Light is the first known translated version of The Tao Te Ching written by a woman specifically for Women.

Available now through Amazon by clicking on any of the images of The Feminine Light:

Do you have any cause to doubt the integrity or authenticity of any of your relationships? How have you learned to trust yourself to hear your own voice?

Do you take the time to self-reflect, know yourself and embrace your radiance…?

In The Feminine Light, you will discover and learn to:

Know the differences between Womanhood and Manhood.
Use “darkness” and its symptoms and turn it into the path of your own enlightenment.
Have a greater sense of self-worth and fulfillment.
Prepare the way for self-ownership, accountability and self- compassion.
Have increased abilities to see life more clearly.
Connect with your spiritual unfolding and timing.
Find your truth and the purpose behind your light.
Be an empowered woman in life no matter what.
Love yourself as a woman.
Listen to your intuition and be conscious of your choices.
Remain spiritually centered and balanced.
Establish relationships with integrity.
Be safe and happy.
Co-create a world of your own making.
Appreciate yourself.
Join with like-minded women in creating a Voice.
Just be and enjoy your self-acceptance.

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