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Feature August 2009

August 11th, 2009 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

The Innocence of Love

What connects us? What is that experience of “being seen” and valued? Is it an energy that comes from the heart, so profound an energy of care that the boundaries are dropped, the defenses down and we find ourselves in a paradise filled with wonder, joy, acceptance and unlimited potential while all the while knowing we are safe and happy in the expression of our love?

Innocence speaks from the heart and for no other reason than to glimpse at the possibility in sharing that possibility of the soul’s expansion and evolution. Falling in love, the attraction of desire, gives us the hope that someday we will find our paradise and magnify it through another, the complimentary aspects of being woman and man.

The innocence of love and care – the emotional bonding between people – between husband and wife, parents and children, family members, friends, communities, association, teams and even countries, what a wonderful world to know we have the opportunity to love  and be loved, to know, even at the darkest hour, and to understand that love exists.

We see love all around us if we look. It may not be in our lives at the moment, but our heart will tell us it’s there, somewhere near you, inside you, whispering to you that you are loved. Even if you didn’t experience love as a child or as much as you would have liked, you are loved and you will always be loved. Nourish and nurture the seed of love that is inside you. Rest in peace that the love is there, the seed is there, no matter the chaos or struggles in your life. The love is there.

For more information about about how to find the innocence of your love, you can either contact me Stephany Lane Yarbrough at Lane@DaVincisMuse.com or look to this site in the near future when we will be offering courses as an associate membership site as well as it remaining an open site for the our public spiritual sisterhood.

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.


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