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Feature December 2009

December 2nd, 2009 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

Emotional Light

The Muse looks into the darkness to find the spiritual light by making meaning and then transforms it into her strength and the dignity of her life. How is this begun? Firstly, the darkness must be found. Secondly, the darkness is replaced by light through the trans-formative powers of the mind, a conscious decision is made to own and live in your light and then, by aligning your emotions, you empower your life.

In the November Feature I had mentioned I would be introducing to you the emotional component of accepting who you are and recognizing your light. As a gift to you this holiday season, I would like to introduce you to Wendy Yellen who is an Eidetic Life Coach, specializing in Transformation Acceleration. She very much likes to work with, what she calls “Ripple Makers and Tsunami Makers, those who are really ready for their PASSION to make an Even Bigger Difference!”.

Eidetic Imagery is… “Imagery in extreme detail; a sort of projection of an image on a mental screen….Of, relating to, or marked by extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images”… your images, the images you have created and can recreate with a new found sense of self. Wendy Yellen states, “In over 25 years of searching, studying, and practicing as an international life coach and therapist, I has never found a life-changing tool that even comes close to the work done through emotional imagery”.

For me, my journey with the work of Wendy Yellen has made a difference in opening myself to emotional possibilities that I never knew existed. Through these experiences with emotional imagery, I was able to uncover and discover the truth of my emotional being. One of those experiences highlighted the relationship I have and had with my father, Glenn Yarbrough, who for me was the charismatic man who I had always admired. I found new ways of finding out information about our relationship that allowed me to honor him for his strengths and abilities while feeling and then transforming through imagery the unsupportive and blocked connection with him into a wonderful and supportive connection. This transformation had more to do with my soul “patterns” that I was able to alter in order to claim my truth as I feel it and… it felt much better.

If you would like to experience Wendy Yellen’s work and the world of emotional imagery, I would like to offer you this gift in this December Feature. During the holiday season, remember your emotional light as Wendy Yellen walks you through 7 processes that will help you EXPERIENCE your power, creativity, freedom and even… joy. As she says, “Get ready to dust off the layers of constriction that hold you back, often in ways you don’t even realize”. This Mini-Course includes: 7 unique tools, each sent to your email address in succession, to help you rediscover and reconnect to who you truly are, without the crust of your history. Simply, you don’t have to “remember” how to be, you are already there, and if you’re “trying” to be, do and have, there is a simpler, more gentle and even a fun way to accept and live in your light. This Mini-Course also includes 3 behind-the-scenes uncensored audio recordings of an international celebrity musician going from stuck to making breakthroughs while using the same tools that will be at your fingertips. Click this link to Wendy Yellen’s work and give yourself the gift of a Mini-Course in Eidetic Imagery.

Please mention The Muse or DaVincisMuse.com as sharing this gift with you. May your holidays be welcoming and supportive and the New Year bring you the beauty of your own emotional light.

Happy Holidays!

Stephany Lane Yarbrough and all of us at DaVincisMuse.com


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