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Feature June 2009

June 24th, 2009 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

Paradigm Shift

Women and men are together in this world. A world that has been defined as masculine as it is the masculine that controls matter and the physical world is made up of matter. Where does that leave women? Who are women? What do they represent? What is their value? As man is the master of the physical world, women are the mistress of what kind of world?

A man’s developmental stages entail learning to manifest their vision of life and become successful protectors and providers and even better yet when the heart is engaged. They clearly then need to discover their vision first in order to manifest it and establish their worth.

Is it that women should follow the same model of development? Or is there a different model of development for women? All of these questions found in this June Feature are the basis for the courses that will be offered in the coming months.

What is the nature of development for women? How do women determine success and worth? How can women embrace their light? What does all of this mean?

Are you struggling with your own fulfillment? Do you know there is somehow more to your life? Is there a significance to your life? Would you like to embrace your own beauty? Would you like to know the meaning of your beauty? How do you become conscious of who you are? Would you like to own your own light?

If there is a paradigm shift in the world today, then certainly it is manifesting through all of the women’s groups coming together and finding a voice and an outlet for their spirits and talents. We see it in the various acts of bringing more into balance the powers of the spiritual and physical. We see it around us in our need to better care for the physical world as it is a mirror of our own self-respect in the recognition that all creatures and nature represent spirit, the source of our life.

A “paradigm” is defined as “an example serving as a model; a pattern”. The shift has begun. How are you experiencing this shift? And how would you like to be a leader in this shift? Let us know…


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