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Feature May 2010

May 26th, 2010 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

Self-Esteem: Facing the Issue

What is it that we want as women? Collectively, there has never been a better time for the recognition for and of women as human beings. What does this mean? What is the opportunity at hand? And what are we to do with our own evolution as women? Individually, our stories vary, some more extreme than others. We each and all have our own journey and hardships along the way. So, how often do our experiences show to us that we are unique? Does the world that we live in reflect who we are? Can we thrive in the world through self-reliance and self-accountability? Is there something more?

What is the issue? What are we searching for in the darkness? What do we want? Do we know? What questions do we ask to begin discovering this answer? How many of you have asked yourself, “What do I desire that will bring me purpose and fulfillment whether independently or interdependently, yet of my own making?” And if you have asked yourself that question, what were your responses? What would be your responses now, today?

For many of us, this question does not even arise. The awareness of a personal self only faintly exists or the consciousness of the self has yet to develop and perhaps will so in time. And for many of us this question is not pertinent because the soul already knows and it is not necessary to ask. Oh, what a beautiful state, to live in the unfolding of life as it is given. Yet, for most of us, the question is present or soon will be and we start the process of uncovering our truth. Much of this evolution of consciousness or “uncovering” eventually leads to a joyous sense of self where your participation in life is substantiated by the change that you create. What changes would you like to create? What changes would you most like to create? Circle the three changes that you would most like to create.

List the changes here:




When you look at the changes you would like to create, what does it tell you about your self-esteem, about you? By asking you this question now, at this point, I am really asking you to see things just a bit differently or at least from a new perspective. Before reading further, jot down a few answers to this question as simply or as complex as you would like. I FEEL:




Now, beside each feeling that you have written above, write the polar opposite to those feelings. Circle the feeling that most represents you.

Self-esteem is the confidence and satisfaction one has in oneself, a self-respect if you will. If the feeling state that you circled above is supportive of you in making changes in your life, then your self-esteem is healthy and assists you in creating your life. If your self-esteem is less than you would like for it to be and if it prevents you from creating what you want or in understanding the meaning behind the unfolding of your life, then it may be useful to face that issue with support, whether the support is through education, friends, counseling or simply listening to yourself attentively and with care.

This exercise might be useful:

From the above changes you would most like to create, choose the one that is most important to you today and take some time to visualize the desired creation.

Bring as much of the senses as you can into the visualization and immerse yourself  into the senses: What does your desired creation feel like? Smell like? Taste Like? What sounds are coming from your creation? What does it look like? How do you feel about your desired creation? How does your creation feel about you? Is there alignment between you and your creation? What emotions do you embrace about your creation? Take note of all your responses and if you feel these senses are not yet supportive of you, play with the feelings and senses until you find a glimmer or can embrace them whole heartily.

Now, once the feelings and senses are comfortable, breathe in that visualization and substantiate the change that you want to create.

You can try on the above exercise any time you want. Notice how each time you make a shift in your life that supports you and helps you to create what you want, your self-esteem becomes stronger and your identity clearer.

May your countenance be filled with self-respect, love and grace as you move into your day!


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