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Feature October 2009

November 17th, 2009 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

The Nature of  a Woman’s Body

I was sitting in the doctor’s office the other day waiting for a mammogram and while I was there I began to reflect on the nature of our physical lives as women.  A couple of thoughts crossed my mind, the first having to do with the innocence of our bodies. I remember my ex-husband saying to me after our then recent divorce that had I not married him, I would have been a nun. I was not sure what that meant as we had an abundantly sexual relationship and I did not give it much thought until today. Now, I sense that we had a different understanding of physical life and its innocence. I then looked across from me and two women sat next to each, one with a very young infant. When we began talking, I found out the women were mother and daughter and the infant was only seven weeks old.  I imagined the miracle of life that the infant represented. She was quite amazing with a variety of expressions. The mother told me she also had a two and a half year old at home and she was just beginning to say “No”. Wow, I thought, the miracle of life is phenomenal and not only is the miracle of life phenomenal, so too is the learning process of how we become to know who we are.

The woman’s body is the conduit to spirit and gives birth to spirit. The respect shown for a woman’s body and the spirit that it hers is to respect life. The choices she makes about her life is the foundation of all of life. The need for mammograms, choosing whether or not to have a child, how to express our sexuality, the care of our physical appearance, the kinds of relationships we create are all representative of our physical existence as women. As women, we are the nurturers of life and so the decision becomes for ourselves: “Who, what, where, when and why do we want to nurture”? Nurturing emotionally, spiritually, as well as physically is the energy that we give to foster the growth and support of others. This energy that we give can be appreciated or devalued, either by ourselves or others.

The nature of a woman’s body is different from a man’s body and so too is the purpose. The actual scientific language of the differences are forms of current studies that can be found offering insights into those distinctions.  I look forward in the future to sharing these studies with you. Although we are all human beings, it is those distinctions in physical purpose that reveal our nature in this world.
Our emotional, spiritual, mental and social make-up are also influences that help us define who we are. How do you feel about your sexual and physical body as a woman or a man? Are you feeling vulnerable as a woman? As a man, do you want to protect a woman’s vulnerability? As a woman, do you want to protect yourself physically more then ever before? Even though today, we are immersed in changes and clear identities in gender are not readily apparent, and acceptance of others’ different types of journeys not fully welcomed, we are also in the midst of great opportunity to embrace a new consciousness for all of life. And, as life starts with woman, let’s begin there.

I’d like to hear from you, to understand your concerns and your journey as a woman.

Below is an exercise to experiment with your thoughts and feeling about being a woman in physical form.

List as many comments as you can about your physical life as a woman. You might try writing this out in a way that the form best suits you, in sentences, or groupings or through a story:

1. My body is my _______________________.
2. How I express my body reveals __________________________.
3. Emotionally, I take care of my body by ____________________.
4. I choose to be sexual with someone when ______________________.
5. I honor my body by _______________________.
6. I am most physically vulnerable when __________________________.
7. I appreciate my body by ___________________.
8. Others appreciate my body by ___________________________.
9. I recognize the innocence of my physical life by my own integrity in the decisions I have made concerning __________________________________.
10. My physical life represents ________________________  to me.
11. My best feature is _______________________.
12. Emotionally, I would like my physical body to be ________________.
13. Physically, my greatest role model is _______________________.
14. I recognize the gifts I have received from any types of physical ailments or diseases by ______________________.
15. If the choice to become a man or a woman is yours, I would be a _________.
16. I would make this choice because ________________________.
17. I physically function in the world as a woman by _________________.
18. If I could do anything, I would _______________________________.
19.The problem I have with being a woman is _______________________.
20. I am happy as a woman because _____________________________.
21. If I am confused about being a woman, it has to do with ______________.
22. My greatest challenge as a woman is ___________________________.
23. My greatest joy is as a woman who ___________________________.
24. As I give in being a woman, I receive __________________ in appreciation for being a woman.
25. I would like to be appreciated more by _________________________.
26. I am supported in being a woman by ________________________.
27. I embody my Muse Spirit when I ___________________________.

It is best to reflect and BE with your responses, the starting place is always you in identifying your physical life and for more information about our offerings, please send an e-mail to Lane@DavincisMuse.com on the link in the right column under the Menu.


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