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Kerri Jean McManus


Originally from New England, Kerri Jean McManus was fascinated by Story and Song as long as she can remember.  She pursued an education in English and Media Arts (M.A. ’98), which then led to a series of jobs in the entertainment field on the West Coast.   Although she was immersed in the business of show, she realized that she was not following her passions until she was inspired to work with students to help them develop their passion for Communication through Media Arts.  KJM continues her work with students as she nurtures her own Creative Projects.  Her family motto, “Cor Et Manus” translates to “heart and hand.”  She strives to communicate messages from the heart through her hand as she writes. She now lives in Los Angeles—the City of Dreams.

Kerri Jean McManus was born on September 14, 1971

Each of us has a story steeped in family tradition and historical context, creating a personal mythology that gives insight into who we are, why we are here and where we may be headed in our respective journeys. In the lost traditions of holy days of the ancient Europeans, the month of September is the Month of the Muse. The Muse represents the divine spark from which all Art proceeds.  As a small child, she saw that light in every situation and understood its beauty and magic without being able to articulate what it was.  For a brief time, in her adult life, she thought that such light had been extinguished for her, but came to realize that the light of creativity is so strong that, while it can be diminished, it will never disappear. The Muse, KJM discovered, has Art hidden in everything and is present at every moment to inspire us once we know where to look.  That Light is the Light with which we all shine and KJM has now learned to nurture that spark and the flames of creativity burn hot and bright. Imbued with a renewed sense of promise, KJM is now choosing her own adventure and writing her own story moment by moment, creating a new mythology for the next Chapter in her Life. She welcomes you to communicate with Da Vinci’s Muse to Create your Mythology.

We are All Muses.

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