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Da Vinci’s Muse for Men states, “No matter who you are and what you might need, there is no need to hide or feel imprisoned. How are you confused? And how can we help? Let us know…” and if there is a similar theme from those contributing, we will address it in our next month’s Articles and News of Da Vinci’s Muse for Men.

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January 2nd, 2009 · Confusions

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January 2nd, 2009 · Confusions


January 1st, 2009 · Confusions

My wife dislikes the income tax, And so I cannot pay it;

She thinks that golf all interest lacks, So now I never play it;

She is opposed to tolls repeal (Though why I cannot say),

But woman’s duty is to feel, And man’s is to obey.

I’m in a hard position for a perfect gentleman,

I want to please the ladies, but I don’t see how I can,

My present wife’s a suffragist, and counts on my support,

But my mother is an anti, of a rather biting sort;

One grandmother is on the fence, the other much opposed,

And my sister lives in Oregon, and thinks the question’s closed;

Each one is counting on my vote to represent her view.

Now what should you think proper for a gentleman to do?

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