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Feature March 2011

March 31st, 2011 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

Gender Work Issues

Let’s look at who you are as a woman and your gender work issues. To get to know yourself better, take a sheet of paper and fill out the following questions or just copy the questions to a word processing document, you may even want to verbally record your answers.

A.  Are you an entrepreneur? Do you work independently or in an office? What kind of work do you do or want to do? Do you have a particular talent, ability or vision that you want to manifest in your life that is who you are?

B. What are your talents, abilities that you express or would like to express?






C. Do you have a vision that you want to manifest? What is the vision?

D. Are you a woman who is single, has a significant other or is married?


S          SO            M



A. If you are single, what challenges do you face with men in expressing yourself through your work?

B. For you, is the workplace a potential dating pool or is it a commitment to who you know yourself to be?

C. If it is a dating pool, what are your expectations? What would you most like in your life?

D. If the workplace is a commitment to who you are, what are you saying about yourself?

E. Do you see the workplace as a commitment to yourself which gives you a  sense of worth? Is it important to your self-esteem? If you did not have your work, would your self-esteem flounder?

F. What does your work mean to you? What is it’s significance to your life?

G. Do you see your work as as an expression of a conviction? If so, what is this conviction?

H. Do you see this work as a commitment to a conviction as well as a potential opportunity to meet as well as establish a relationship? Primarily, what kind of relationship would you like to establish?


Is it:  A fling?  Specifically a relationship about learning lessons with regard to who you are as a human being, as a woman and/or your value?   A relationship to help you make ends meet or assist you in achieving your desires? A relationship to create children?  A relationship to establish a long-term commitment to one another?

I. Would you like to be in a mutually beneficial relationship built upon love? Do you value yourself as a woman? What qualities do you value about yourself as a woman?

J. How do you see the potential for a relationship? For all of the above types of relationships, for you to be attracted:



What kind of man would you want him to be for himself? List nine qualities, he must have for himself:










What are the qualities that you would want to receive from him? List six of those qualities that would support your spirit:







What is the “us” you ideally envision creating?



A. If you have a significant other, what challenges with men do you face in the workplace?

B. Do you feel safe and happy in your relationship? Does this relationship allow you the freedom to flirt with other men? Are you looking to change partners?

C. How does being in a steady relationship influence your behavior at work? Would you be this way at work if you were not in a steady relationship? Describe how you express what you want through work:

D. For those who see the workplace as more of a way to meet a potential mate that satisfies who you are as a woman even while having a significant other, what is it about your current relationship that does not meet your desires in the Potential Relationship Questionnaire above?

E. What do you appreciate about the relationship? Do you respect your significant other for what he brings to the table?  What does he bring to the table? Can you honor being in the relationship with its limitations? Can you find the joy in the relationship? Is that joy enough for you?

F.  Is there a mutual understanding and reciprocal desire to be together for the duration?  In the future, do you plan to make a commitment to this person? What is the time investment you will take with this person to determine if he is the one for you? Have you already decided? What would you need to know about him for you to make a decision of commitment to be with him?

G. If there is not a commitment, what responsibilities do you take for transitional relationships? What is the win-win aspect of accepted value that the relationship holds until it changes? Will there be any “victims”? Will you be a “victim”? Are there any spoken agreements that mutually respect each other? Or is this a relationship that is to teach you something in particular? What is it that you would like to learn?

H. If you have any challenges with men in your workplace, what would you like to learn from these challenges?

I. How ideally would you like to express yourself? What needs are you wanting to meet? What do these needs say about your self-esteem as a woman?

J. How would you like to be supported in being a woman? What does that mean to you?

K. Do you have a vision in terms of how you would like to “mother” the world? What is that vision?


A. By choice, if you did not have to, would you want to work outside of your relationship?


Yes or No

B. Are you working outside of the relationship?

Yes or No

C. Is it by choice?

Yes or No

D. If the answer is yes that you are working, is your work fulfilling? And if so how?

E. If not, in what ways is it not fulfilling?

F. What challenges with men do you face in the workplace?

G. Is your self-esteem as a woman affected by these challenges?  If so how?

H. Do you respect men in their need to establish their worth?

Yes or No

I. Do you feel more joyful and bountiful in your relationship? And want to joyfully contribute your joy?

Yes or No

J. Do you feel fulfilled and valued as a woman in your relationship?

If not, how not?

K. Do you take responsibility for your joy? How could you feel fulfilled and valued in your relationship? What would you like? What do you need to become more joyful?

L. Are you willing to accept the limitations of your joy? Is there an agreement to keep each other safe and happy in the relationship fostering commitment and growth over the mutual appreciation and extension of each others’ happiness?

Yes or No

M. If not, can you alter that agreement to include more joy? For you, what would that agreement look like? What would that agreement look like for him?

For you:

For him:

N. How do you feel valued in your relationship?

O. How do you value yourself in the relationship?

P. In the relationship, how would you like to value yourself or be valued more? What would be that experience? What would you like? How would it feel?

Q. Are you content with your relationship?

Yes or No

R. If not, what needs to be changed? How are you going to change it?

S. If yes, how do you express your contentment?

T. How would your life be fulfilling and complete for yourself?

U. How would you like to be remembered?



Gender work issues reveal not only who we are,  but how we see ourselves to be. The “being” woman in the workplace can often have many different types of challenges depending on the level of mutual respect that both women and men have for each other.  The ability to respect oneself as either a woman or man is the first step toward self-ownership and gives us the awareness of sharing our lives communally. From this awareness, the seeds to make possible an appreciation of humanity are grown. What do gender work issues reveal about you?


Love to hear your responses!


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