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Jury Duty: An Experience of Civic Duty

April 29th, 2010 · No Comments · Home, Muse News

I was just was called for Jury Duty and was found out I was a potential juror for a three week or more trial. I was thinking that was a long time, but if I could learn something by the experience it might be interesting. In the end, I was excused from the juror pool along with some ten or so others. The case was regarding the letting go of an employee after some 35 years or so employment. The employer was being sued by the plaintiff for letting her go on the grounds of discrimination: age and disability. I had given the case some thought over the two days as a prospective juror and I said to the court…

“It seems to me this case is about three things:

1. Aging – How does one experience getting older?
2. Change – Is one a victim of it or accepting of it if agreements have been honored? And…
3. Self-ownership and accountability – Are the issues of the plaintiff having to do with a sense of self-worth, security or rather fear of change, the unknown and darkness, fearing the uncertainty of the opportunity for growth or a potential new experience of loving?

Other than addressing the broad question of the best way to support and manage “communal good”, the only question for me in this case is whether or not agreements were honored, regardless of whether the employer’s choice of management style is effective or not in meeting goals.”

Here’s my question: If California is an At-Will State, how can there be any grounds for discrimination? I support the underdog if an abuse of power has occurred, I believe in Unions to negotiate for the best interest of all those involved and I am very compassionate toward the suffering of others, have I missed something here?


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