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Da Vinci’s Muse presents below the current projects of Isabella d’Este, Stephany Lane Yarbrough and Kerri Jean McManus. We hope you will join us…

A vision list of various projects for Isabella dEste:

This list is made up of various women’s projects, including yours…if you would like to get together with like-minded women to assist in launching the project. For consideration to be included in this list, please address: Isabella d’Este with a four line paragraph description of your project.

A vision list of various projects in development for Stephany Lane Yarbrough:

All of these projects can be themed under the topics of Human Development through the Life-Span, Gender Relations, Women’s and Men’s Consciousness. If you would like to get involved, please contact me.

1. Website Internet business, SecretChalice.com, a Psychic, Spiritual, Healing, Self-Help Psychology web site.

2. Self-help psychology workbooks and other psychology books, a Children’s book and a Woman’s book.

3. A screenplay offering a new structure to society. It is an ensemble piece of women’s empowerment. Stylistically, a Period piece and Sci-Fi genre, a cross between The Last Temptation of Christ and The Vagina Monologues. Numerous products to be marketed from film.

4. A play, which was written and performed at the UN 50th Anniversary in SF ’95 that I would like to reproduce for various girl’s organizations. A few products to be marketed from play including a fashion line.

5. Two educational computer programs and an educational computer game.

6. Workshops (intensive or expanded) which have been developed from my work.

7. A stand-up comedy routine performed at the Icehouse Annex to be added to and made into a one-woman show.

8. A CD, a concept album.

9. PSA concept for the protection of children.

A vision list of various projects for in development for Kerri Jean McManus:

A children’s book, a number of personal essays that address such
diverse topics as food, travel, women’s body image, and a series of
short stories that follows the aspirations of one character in his
pursuit of the Hollywood Dream.

Three short documentaries that deal such topics as acceptance, the creative process and cultural diversity.
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