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Feature June, July and August, 2011

July 25th, 2011 · Featured Musings, Home

Hello Everyone,

On hiatus for the summer months June through August, 2011 while building a business around the book “The Feminine Light” and I hope to return to you soon. Have a lovely summer!


Feature May 2011

May 31st, 2011 · Featured Musings, Home

The Test of Love

Three trials endure the heart to be moved and from that place the test of love can be experienced and integrity seen as true. What are these tests? These trials can be experienced in any order and they are:

The trial of facing challenges together. The trial of acceptance. And the trial of joy.

No matter which test a relationship begins with, it is important that all three trials are experienced as the foundation of true love. The question of integrity is presented at each trial to reveal the truth of the relationship’s strength. Some relationships begin with facing challenges, while others begin with the connection of joy or even acceptance and friendship. However the relationship begins, the growth cycle of the relationship will eventually move through each of these trials. Some relationships only move through one cycle however short or long that cycle is lived to reveal a new cycle. When that new cycle begins, a choice to continue in that cycle is presented to both individuals. Sometimes the relationship ends, sometimes it is possible to make a commitment to each other to grow into that next phase. Sometimes the pressures of that next phase show the importance of separating and honoring each other in the need for individual growth and soul evolution. What determines the type of connection you have with another is predicated on your own requirements for your own joy. As a woman, your joy is paramount to your spirit’s health and the health of the world. (See the book “The Feminine Light” for more information as well as the questions regarding your Joy in the  Feature April, 2011 as well as the Feature November, 2009 for turning darkness into light.) Some relationships are only meant to be experienced to help you live through a certain cycle and others are more enduring. The type of relationship to be experienced is the type of relationship that speaks to your soul. What your soul requires is the unfolding of your own growth and how you experience the relationships in your life mirrors the journey of your soul. For some people, growth requires transitions in relationships, for others a long lasting commitment can be made based upon the recognition of love. What type of relationship does your soul require? How can you recognize a deeper love? The three trials of love can help you to access the relationship you are in as well as honor who you are in that relationship.

The trial of facing challenges together is a challenge when faced is the strongest connection in a relationship, keeping each other safe. The challenges that bind people together have the ability to reveal a supportive love that is immense. Whatever the challenge whether financial, physical, emotional, social, spiritual or mental, or many times all together, this challenge is a recognition of the strength and durability of the relationship.

What challenges has your relationship faced?

How has your relationship dealt with these challenges?

What was your contribution?

What was your partner’s contribution?

How has your relationship come out on the other side of the challenges?

How do you love one another?


The trial of acceptance reveals the true nature of one another’s sense of humanity. This trial teaches about the excesses of pride and our ability to be self-accepting as men and women. Often times, this trial is the most revealing in terms of one’s true nature as the excesses of pride can threaten the very existence of a relationship, one to be built upon mutual love and respect. Sometimes it is necessary for one’s soul growth to rightly claim one’s pride. To be able to build one’s self-esteem is congruent with the importance with the unfolding of life. At this time, a relationship can undergo many hardships as each other cries for growth. Sometimes, it is only one person in the relationship that experiences a need for something more. How you are during this cycle of acceptance allows you to understand the need for your own self-love. This challenge is a recognition of mutual respect and value as human beings no matter who you are in your essential selves as well as man and woman.

Do you accept and respect yourself as a woman?

Do you accept and respect the man in your life?

Do you experience respect as a woman in your relationship?

How does he show you that he loves and values you?

Can you give yourself permission to grow, evolve and change?

How can you allow the other to grow without feeling threatened?

What is it about your relationship that enables you to make a commitment to one another’s growth?

Can you remain together at this time or do you feel the need to separate?

How can you honor each other during this cycle of a relationship?

How do each of you show appreciation of one another’s value?

Is that working?

How can it be better for both of you?

What does that tell you about your relationship?


The trial of joy can be the most fun, but as well potentially the most damaging. It is easy to become a “victim” of the innocence of joy. The soul is attracted to joy, to the experience of pleasure and the illusion of fulfillment. For in this cycle, the challenge must be made conscious if the relationship is to survive. To understand the nature of a relationship requires a unique blend of both feeling and thoughtfulness. Feeling is a result of the type of connection experienced between people and thoughtfulness is the explicit awareness of the types of exchange of love. It is here that true fulfillment or the illusion of fulfillment becomes apparent. Any fall from joy or a sense of fulfillment or the recognition of worth, from whatever heights, is the loss of love and as such effects for both women and men. For some this can be devastating, while for others the effects are experienced more casually. The determining factor for how these effects will be experienced, is not only the depth of connection toward one another, but as well the investment toward fulfillment each other has for the other. With the loss of joy often times equating to the loss of love, managing well in this cycle requires the recognition of joy as paramount for the relationship to survive. Joy can be seen in any number of ways, for men it is often times the need to be sexual to maintain a connection to the source of the woman through play and sexual activities. And as well, activities that allow him to relax and have fun. For the woman, joy is often the experience of moving toward her own self-fulfillment. In receiving support toward her fulfillment, her own sense of value, she can experience joy. This is why it is key to “know thyself”. Without a conscious understanding of how you want to be fulfilled through the relationship, unconsciousness is the creation of  illusion, the very hotbed of  broken dreams and a sense of being “victimized”. On the other hand, promises made clearly with integrity once acted upon from a place of consciousness create a space for the the relationship to flourish in joy. This challenge is a recognition of depth and desire.

What is your joy, your sense of fulfillment?

What joy brings you together?

What joy is felt to be missing?

What do you receive for the expression of your joy?

What brings out your joy?

Can you let the man experience his joy without recrimination?

Do you support a man’s joy?

Do you feel your joy is gratifying?

If not, what do you feel you need to feel more gratified?

Is this missing sense of gratification due to your own lack of self-awareness or is it because you are not receiving something?

What do you need to be more aware of for yourself or what do you need to receive?

How will claiming your joy affect your relationship?

What pros and cons must you weigh in order to claim your joy?

What type of joy is your highest priority?

What structure defines and contains safely your relationship of joy?

Is it working for both of you?


Relationships to be healthy must be built upon trust, yet, innocence is not an excuse for the absence of wisdom except in our youth. Innocence may be the basis behind an emotional connection and better yet if it is, however, the exchange of energies and love between a man and woman is best structured whether in a marriage, an arrangement, an offering through courtship or even simply respect at work. A sense of “victimization” takes place when one or the other feels somehow short-changed in the relationship. The value first given and wanted is no longer appreciated. That does not mean the value is not there, but solely that either person is no longer satisfied with what is and wants more. Sometimes a relationship is meant to experience and appreciate all the three trials of love through their lives together, while at other times a relationship is only meant to live in love for the duration of the test. How is trust built in a relationship particularly when the integrity of the person or situation is questionable, yet we are called to live in that relationship? Trust is built by honoring ourselves with integrity and by becoming conscious of the choices we have made whether for better or worse in the realizations of our own illusions and falls from love or in the fulfillment of ourselves. What does your man give to you and want to give to you? Is that fulfilling? Trust in the relationship is built in time and through the three trials of love. The test of love… knowing thyself, one’s value and sharing yourself, your love, with others who appreciate the value of who you are, your love and joy.

May all your lessons in self-knowledge keep you safe and happy in the unfolding of your life and love…




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Feature April 2011

May 21st, 2011 · Featured Musings, Home

The question of… If

I recently had eye surgery and I was contemplating how women view their worlds. After a few weeks of recovery, I was watching a program about the photography of Joey Lawrence shooting in Africa and as I did, I was looking at the women in their communities/tribes and wondering if they were content… Aside from cultural and collective differences, needs and desires, as well as pending threats of war… how did these women experience their lives? Were they content? Were they happy? Did they want anything more from their lives? And if so, what would it be?

So it got me thinking… if we as women were all happy in our everyday lives, and when I say that, I mean if we were in relationships where ideally we were taken care of and we felt accountable for our own lives as women and safe as well as experiencing the joy of expressing out talents and abilities…. what would we want to say as women?

A few questions for you…If you felt safe and happy in a world of your own making…

What would that world be?

Who would you be in that world as a woman?

What would you want to say as a woman?

What would you want to say for women collectively?

What is important to you to express?

How would you choose to spend your days?

What is meaningful to you?

What brings joy to you?

What is your happiness?

And what do you like to receive in support of your happiness?

How content are you in your life?

What do you feel you want or need to be content?


For all women, like all people,  we look at the world through our own eyes. How can we see better through the eyes of others? What determines our connectedness? What if we were to gather a global vision for women that would support all women in being safe and happy, what would that look like? What part would you like to play?

Please leave your comments at the end of the post…



IF YOU’D LIKE TO USE THIS ARTICLE ON YOUR WEBSITE, YOU CAN! Simply include this complete statement when you post this article: “Written by DaVincisMuse.com… A Lifestyle of Creative Purpose and Worth: The Ultimate Resource for the New Renaissance Woman. Join our mailing list at www.DaVincisMuse.com.com for the vision of womanhood unfolding. As well, we promise to never sell, rent, trade, or share your e-mail with any organization. ”

Feature March 2011

March 31st, 2011 · Featured Musings, Home

Gender Work Issues

Let’s look at who you are as a woman and your gender work issues. To get to know yourself better, take a sheet of paper and fill out the following questions or just copy the questions to a word processing document, you may even want to verbally record your answers.

A.  Are you an entrepreneur? Do you work independently or in an office? What kind of work do you do or want to do? Do you have a particular talent, ability or vision that you want to manifest in your life that is who you are?

B. What are your talents, abilities that you express or would like to express?






C. Do you have a vision that you want to manifest? What is the vision?

D. Are you a woman who is single, has a significant other or is married?


S          SO            M



A. If you are single, what challenges do you face with men in expressing yourself through your work?

B. For you, is the workplace a potential dating pool or is it a commitment to who you know yourself to be?

C. If it is a dating pool, what are your expectations? What would you most like in your life?

D. If the workplace is a commitment to who you are, what are you saying about yourself?

E. Do you see the workplace as a commitment to yourself which gives you a  sense of worth? Is it important to your self-esteem? If you did not have your work, would your self-esteem flounder?

F. What does your work mean to you? What is it’s significance to your life?

G. Do you see your work as as an expression of a conviction? If so, what is this conviction?

H. Do you see this work as a commitment to a conviction as well as a potential opportunity to meet as well as establish a relationship? Primarily, what kind of relationship would you like to establish?


Is it:  A fling?  Specifically a relationship about learning lessons with regard to who you are as a human being, as a woman and/or your value?   A relationship to help you make ends meet or assist you in achieving your desires? A relationship to create children?  A relationship to establish a long-term commitment to one another?

I. Would you like to be in a mutually beneficial relationship built upon love? Do you value yourself as a woman? What qualities do you value about yourself as a woman?

J. How do you see the potential for a relationship? For all of the above types of relationships, for you to be attracted:



What kind of man would you want him to be for himself? List nine qualities, he must have for himself:










What are the qualities that you would want to receive from him? List six of those qualities that would support your spirit:







What is the “us” you ideally envision creating?



A. If you have a significant other, what challenges with men do you face in the workplace?

B. Do you feel safe and happy in your relationship? Does this relationship allow you the freedom to flirt with other men? Are you looking to change partners?

C. How does being in a steady relationship influence your behavior at work? Would you be this way at work if you were not in a steady relationship? Describe how you express what you want through work:

D. For those who see the workplace as more of a way to meet a potential mate that satisfies who you are as a woman even while having a significant other, what is it about your current relationship that does not meet your desires in the Potential Relationship Questionnaire above?

E. What do you appreciate about the relationship? Do you respect your significant other for what he brings to the table?  What does he bring to the table? Can you honor being in the relationship with its limitations? Can you find the joy in the relationship? Is that joy enough for you?

F.  Is there a mutual understanding and reciprocal desire to be together for the duration?  In the future, do you plan to make a commitment to this person? What is the time investment you will take with this person to determine if he is the one for you? Have you already decided? What would you need to know about him for you to make a decision of commitment to be with him?

G. If there is not a commitment, what responsibilities do you take for transitional relationships? What is the win-win aspect of accepted value that the relationship holds until it changes? Will there be any “victims”? Will you be a “victim”? Are there any spoken agreements that mutually respect each other? Or is this a relationship that is to teach you something in particular? What is it that you would like to learn?

H. If you have any challenges with men in your workplace, what would you like to learn from these challenges?

I. How ideally would you like to express yourself? What needs are you wanting to meet? What do these needs say about your self-esteem as a woman?

J. How would you like to be supported in being a woman? What does that mean to you?

K. Do you have a vision in terms of how you would like to “mother” the world? What is that vision?


A. By choice, if you did not have to, would you want to work outside of your relationship?


Yes or No

B. Are you working outside of the relationship?

Yes or No

C. Is it by choice?

Yes or No

D. If the answer is yes that you are working, is your work fulfilling? And if so how?

E. If not, in what ways is it not fulfilling?

F. What challenges with men do you face in the workplace?

G. Is your self-esteem as a woman affected by these challenges?  If so how?

H. Do you respect men in their need to establish their worth?

Yes or No

I. Do you feel more joyful and bountiful in your relationship? And want to joyfully contribute your joy?

Yes or No

J. Do you feel fulfilled and valued as a woman in your relationship?

If not, how not?

K. Do you take responsibility for your joy? How could you feel fulfilled and valued in your relationship? What would you like? What do you need to become more joyful?

L. Are you willing to accept the limitations of your joy? Is there an agreement to keep each other safe and happy in the relationship fostering commitment and growth over the mutual appreciation and extension of each others’ happiness?

Yes or No

M. If not, can you alter that agreement to include more joy? For you, what would that agreement look like? What would that agreement look like for him?

For you:

For him:

N. How do you feel valued in your relationship?

O. How do you value yourself in the relationship?

P. In the relationship, how would you like to value yourself or be valued more? What would be that experience? What would you like? How would it feel?

Q. Are you content with your relationship?

Yes or No

R. If not, what needs to be changed? How are you going to change it?

S. If yes, how do you express your contentment?

T. How would your life be fulfilling and complete for yourself?

U. How would you like to be remembered?



Gender work issues reveal not only who we are,  but how we see ourselves to be. The “being” woman in the workplace can often have many different types of challenges depending on the level of mutual respect that both women and men have for each other.  The ability to respect oneself as either a woman or man is the first step toward self-ownership and gives us the awareness of sharing our lives communally. From this awareness, the seeds to make possible an appreciation of humanity are grown. What do gender work issues reveal about you?


Love to hear your responses!


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Feature January 2011

January 8th, 2011 · Featured Musings, Home


Mostly my birthday falling on January 3rd being so close to the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, has always been rather low key. In celebration of my 50th, I decided to visit San Francisco, the place of my birth, for a four day celebration of exquisite food, museums and art. While I was there I reflected upon the beauty of the city and its multicultural heritage. I had some very nice meals, San Francisco is known for their culinary arts. A few of the restaurants/cafe’s were one’s that I had been to before like the sumptuous vegetarian restaurant Greens in Fort Mason with it’s beautiful view overlooking the Bay and the Victoria Bakery for their St. Honore cake Italian style with a mixture of sponge cake soaked in rum, creme patisserie, a thin layer of chocolate, pastry and whipped cream. Yummy!

Some other restaurants and experiences: Gary Danko for my celebratory dinner, Cafe de la Presse, walking the streets of Chinatown for some goodies as well as acquiring a pink lotus candle holder in honor of the book “The Feminine Light” which I completed as a birthday present to myself. I also caught the ferry for Sausalito at the port with it’s amazing food mart to have brunch at Murray Circle in Fort Baker, an ex officer’s barracks now converted into a hotel with an incredible view of The Golden Gate Bridge and then visiting long time family friends while I was in Sausalito. The last day of my adventure I went to Chez Panisse in Berkeley, a restaurant where my mother had always wanted to dine. In her remembrance as she was from Maryland, I had fresh crab, one of her favorite foods.

With the San Francisco CityPass, traveling around the city was made easy and the museums and galleries I visited included: the De Young Museum to see the Post-Impressionist Materpieces from the Musee D’Orsay: Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne and Beyond. I particularly enjoyed the work of Paul Signac and specifically Maurice Denis’ “The Muses” painted in 1893.

I went to The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to view the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, a French photographer who is considered to be the father of modern photojournalism. Then visiting the Weinstein Gallery at Union Square, I was introduced to the works of artist Leonor Fini, an Italian-Argentinian Surrealist painter, who had left Italy for Paris in 1937 and had her first solo exhibition in New York in 1939. “It has been said about her that she is the only artist to paint women without apology.” And like myself, she loved cats, living with up to 23 at one time. Here is a photo of my 17 year old love of my life, Yuri:

I arrived in San Francisco on New Year’s Day and to spend that day at the California Academy of Sciences, visiting the various rain forests, seeing the reindeer and the penguins feeding and going to the Planetarium which was all an incredible experience to have on the birth of a New Year. The Morrison Planetarium is the largest all-digital dome in the world and it was there that I watched the latest amazing digital planetarium show: “Life: A Cosmic Story’, approaches the tantalizing question – How did life on Earth begin? This tantalizing question forms the basis of the second all-digital planetarium show produced by the Academy. Starting with the first stars and ending with the tremendous biological diversity on Earth today, Life will tell the story of life, more than 13.7 billion years in the making! Narrated by two-time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster, Life: A Cosmic Story will give audiences a new appreciation for the connectedness of all living things on Earth.”

How do we all begin, I was wondering… Under what circumstances are we conceived? How does our conception influence our spiritual beginnings? Are we conceived in love or through fear? Does our conception matter and how does it affect our lives? Do you know how you were conceived? How has your conception affected your life? My mother told me where where I was conceived… at The Algonquin Hotel in New York City, a hotel rich in history. “In 1987, The Algonquin was designated a New York City landmark, and in 1996 it was designated a literary landmark.” Though I do not know the emotional state of my mother and father at my conception, I do know that the early 60’s was an exciting time for artists.

Then, while at the Academy of Sciences’ Bookstore I bought the book “What We Believe But Cannot Prove” edited by John Brockman in which more than 100 hundred of the world’s leading thinkers write about things they believe in, despite the absence of concrete proof.

What do you believe despite proof?

The foundation of my work begins with my book The Feminine Light which is a combination of a practical philosophy about the nature of women, a woman’s book for discovery and self-empowerment and the first translation written by and for women of The Tao Te Ching in over 2,500 years. The Tao Te Ching is 81 verses speaking to the laws of nature governing the cosmos and all of life. In line with The Tao, “The Way” doesn’t need proof, it just is.

If you have any questions, thoughts or opinions, please comment… and Happy New Year!


IF YOU’D LIKE TO USE THIS ARTICLE ON YOUR WEBSITE, YOU CAN! Simply include this complete statement when you post this article: “Written by DaVincisMuse.com… A Lifestyle of Creative Purpose and Worth: The Ultimate Resource for the New Renaissance Woman. Join our mailing list at www.DaVincisMuse.com.com for the vision of womanhood unfolding. As well, we promise to never sell, rent, trade, or share your e-mail with any organization. “

Feature December 2010

December 20th, 2010 · Featured Musings, Home, Muse News

The Feminine Light

On behalf of Da Vinci’s Muse, we are happy to offer this holiday season, the book titled The Feminine Light written by Stephany Lane Yarbrough.

“It’s a lovely book.  For women around the world, the questions raised in The Feminine Light are profound ones. The Tao, this universal and intimate balance, is at the heart and soul of our work through NoVo. Thank you for sharing!” -Jennifer Buffett, Board of Directors The Novo Foundation, www.NovoFoundation.org

Who are you as a woman? What does it mean to be a woman? Who are you as a spirit of light?

As women, the art of listening to the self begins the quest toward seeing ourselves more clearly, moving with enhanced fluidity through life, having a greater sense of fulfillment and expanding our own enlightenment. By honoring a dialogue of daily spiritual meditations and deeply introspective questions, we discover the power of the feminine. In over 2,500 years, The Feminine Light is the first known translated version of The Tao Te Ching written by a woman specifically for Women.

Available now through Amazon by clicking on any of the images of The Feminine Light:

Do you have any cause to doubt the integrity or authenticity of any of your relationships? How have you learned to trust yourself to hear your own voice?

Do you take the time to self-reflect, know yourself and embrace your radiance…?

In The Feminine Light, you will discover and learn to:

Know the differences between Womanhood and Manhood.
Use “darkness” and its symptoms and turn it into the path of your own enlightenment.
Have a greater sense of self-worth and fulfillment.
Prepare the way for self-ownership, accountability and self- compassion.
Have increased abilities to see life more clearly.
Connect with your spiritual unfolding and timing.
Find your truth and the purpose behind your light.
Be an empowered woman in life no matter what.
Love yourself as a woman.
Listen to your intuition and be conscious of your choices.
Remain spiritually centered and balanced.
Establish relationships with integrity.
Be safe and happy.
Co-create a world of your own making.
Appreciate yourself.
Join with like-minded women in creating a Voice.
Just be and enjoy your self-acceptance.

The Tao Te Ching, written by Lao-Tzu, a Chinese philosopher who lived in the 6th century B.C., is a simple yet deeply rich book containing 81 verses relating to the ways of nature. They speak to the truths of the universe in order to help you find your path and to live your life in harmony with yourself and others. The Tao (pronounced Dao) loosely translated into English from Chinese means the “way, path or truth,” an all-embracing truth present everywhere revealing the laws of nature, the polarities of existence, Yin-Yang, Darkness and Light.

In The Feminine Light, following each of the newly translated verses, there are thoughtfully profound questions to assist in understanding and living the material – the philosophy of the Tao. By immersing oneself in the Tao, one is able to come to know oneself. A companion for life…

“From caring comes courage.” –Lao-Tzu

“Stephany Lane Yarbrough seeks wholeness and truth by following the path of The Tao de Ching. In her beautifully written, poetic, The Feminine Light she invites us with wisdom and compassion to join her. For all of us, this book is a welcoming guide on the path toward harmony – not only with one’s self but also with the world.” -Barry M. Panter, M.D., PH.D., Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry USC School of Medicine, Co-Author/Editor: Creativity and Madness: Psychoanalytic Studies of Art and Artists, Founder and Director of The American Institute of Medical Education, www.Aimed.com

“This book offers a wonderful resource of insights and truth passed down through generations that are enlightening and empowering. A book you can open to any page on any day and find the wisdom that casts a light on the beauty of the feminine.” -Joanne Mednick, Marriage and Family Therapist with a global practice focusing on women’s issues and addictions, www.JoanneMednick.com

“A book of insights that are deep, personal and honest: listen to your heart, know your truth and understand your value. A definite read and more….” -John Milan, Board of Directors, The Women’s Clinic & Family Counseling Center, Los Angeles, CA, www.Womens-Clinic.org

The Feminine Light takes us on a brave and perhaps unfamiliar journey of discovery, contemplation, empowerment and reconnection with the true woman within; our gift to ourselves and to the world.”-Jodie Myers, Childbirth Filmmaker, www.MyBirthMovie.com

“The realizations within The Feminine Light capture the heart of the “Great Mother’s” teachings with love and directness. An experiential and useful exploration of the Tao Te Ching from the perspective of the feminine or Yin which speaks to the woman who is ever becoming and about the natural differences between being a woman and a man.” -“LB” Terrence Brotherton, Practitioner and Teacher of Eastern Healing and Meditation, Disciple of Taoist Elixer Style, Los Angeles, CA.

“Through The Feminine Light, we experience an amazing passage that provides profound insight into our feminine power and wisdom.” -Dori DeCarlo, Talk show host of The Word of Mom Show and Founder /CEO S1 Safety First, www.s1bags.com

“A quest toward self-discovery…” -Carol DeGoff, MS, Life and Pampering Coach for Women, www.Winning-Spirit.biz

“Through the author’s exploration of the trials and tribulations we all experience on our life’s journey, we, as women, learn that we are continuously evolving, capable of immeasurable love and generosity as well as influence. Bravo!”-Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment, Inc., www.Lawlessent.com

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